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Welcome to Korea MIC, the Korean leading manufacturer of the electric heating cables. We offer unique products manufactured by unique technologies based on the company's exclusive patents.  

Our electric heating cables are insulated by fiberglass which are unique in the world. Our new technologies are recognized by the Korean Government and we have been carrying out several projects supported by the Korean Government.

We supply the electric heating cables and the self regulating heating cables which are applicable not only for appliance heating elements such as floor heating system, Ondol-type floor system, snow melting system, and roof/gutter de-icing system but also for industrial process heating systems..

Snow Melting Systems

Snow melting system is an automatic snow removing system which can be applied to the entrance of the underground parking lot, the bridge, or the pedestrian overpass. It can be applied with any finishing materials. The maintenance cost is economic because it is automatically switched on and switched off according to the weather.

 Snow melt for concrete and asphalt
▶ Retrofit systems for existing surfaces
▶ Snow melting for pavers

Roof Snow and Ice Solutions

Automatic snow/icicle removing system to protect the damage of humans or buildings by removing the snow on the roof or the icicles at the gutter.

Ice dam prevention & solutions

Roof ice melt for non-metal roofs

Roof ice melt for metal roofs

Create drain paths for water and manage icicles and snow loads

Floor Heating Systems

Our electric heating cables will satisfy the needs not only of under floor heating applications but also of space warming for good health.


Heated tile & stone floors

Nail down hardwood floors

Floating and laminate floors

Carpet heating

Shower floor heating

Large and small areas

Our mission is to deliver the technologically advanced electric radiant systems for snow melting, floor heating, roof de-icing, gutter melting, and heat trace systems with the highest quality under a policy of safety first. 

KOREA MIC Co., LTD. Corporate Registration No. 131-81-93802

M-804 Songdo Technopark IT center, Songdo-dong, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon, KOREA

T. +82-32-818-4716 F. +82-32-818-4717 E-mail

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